Martin and Rhoades provide bespoke audio production. Premium standard studio production that turns heads, polishes products and brands at a cost that can meet most budgets. Our back catalogue has seen us work with freelancers, corporate businesses and also with kick starter set ups. Our business works at a personal level with consultancy based meetings either onsite or over the phone to initiate the project / business. We deliver free quotations with benchmarks to suit and advise with industry knowledge and expectations. We often deliver various options throughout the creative process to ensure that our client is happy with the directional process and content with the end result.

Audio to order includes soundtracks, instrumentals, TV spots, voiceovers, remixes, audio production, tv advertisements, theme tune music, promotional sound bites and much more. Visit for more information and examples.

This example demos a quick production in the style / genre of liquid drum and bass. Of course with a bespoke production the level of detail within a design brief can vary greatly so please understand that this is just a reference guide to represent that we can achieve a standard sound. Our talent and expertise can capture much more obscure sub genres and sounds upon request and we cant unfortunately upload thousands of tracks to encapsulate such sounds.

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