Low budget social media can really be one of the most effective tools to help market your business, campaigns or product!

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As the project demonstrates, Understood Media can help you reach thousands of people with an investment as little as the cost of £10. Just what can you get for the price of ten pounds if you were just to put this investment into a standard advertising campaign, the answer is NOT A LOT! By using simple techniques that we use daily for different clientele we can produce the results you want.

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£5 investment along with a £5 product that boasts an in demand licence to a targeted audience:

– £5 of Facebooks paid advertising service as a “post boost” for a one day duration.
– 1x £5 product given away as part of a competition online via the Facebook social network plan.
– 1x Web graphic design image optimised for Facebook.
– Targeted audience who appreciate the product in question.

This simple quick investment brought a return of:
Post reach – 2,917
Likes – 92
Shares – 107

However this activity not only brought the above results, it also brought; product sales, brand authority, cookie latching opportunities, product acknowledgement and a desire for consumers from campaign success.

All this WITHIN 24 hours!
Imagine if your investment had been £200 and 40x the product giveaways! A real no brainer and just one of the simple techniques we can use to market with you on future projects.

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