This month has seen audio production duo ‘Martin and Rhoades’ create more soundtrack music for video creative placed on a major UK retailers website. Without naming names you can check out more on but for now this story demonstrates the power of a quick turn around with bespoke audio production. Not all of the time do businesses want to spend £800 plus on licensing audio content that is not bespoke to their product or campaign. Manufacturers and brand owners now want an identity of their own for the product and throughout their multimedia digital campaign creative. It is often a difficult decision to businesses that don’t have the knowledge or expertise to source bespoke audio and most would assume that it would come only at an astronomical cost!? This however is luckily not the case if you know / works with Understood Media and Martin and Rhoades. Our clientele range from independent craft brewers of whom work out of their home garages to major UK retailers and distributors of which all are finding an audio solution to creative marketing.

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