Will twitter fall in 2018?

In our opinion Twitter needs something else. It needs a feature that means you use it for a reason other than for announcements of your mornings breakfast or promotional purposes. For example if Twitter had combined with a new up and coming digital app service like Uber then that would bring two services that compliment each other in some way and create an omni channel approach. Say you wanted to holla a taxi in NYC and you used Uber instead of putting up your hand. Twitter could then engage with you and prompt a post for you to then complete i.e.

@Jennycaddy complete your tweet and thank your driver

“Ive just jumped into my #Uber on broadway.. time to catch up with the girls at @oneworldtrade for Mary’s cocktail party!

(text in bold ai suggested and pre composed by Twitter feeding data from Uber)

Any how that is just our thoughts on Twitter right now as it certainly seems that with Instagram and Snapchat taking a lot of market share, Twitter needs to seriously get developing and fast. With such major celebs and of course presidents and former presidents making the headlines with tweets, there surely is a few years left for the platform, especially with Trump heading up their PR!

Heres the flip from The Digital Marketing Institute: (click on the image to read the full story and visit DMI)



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