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Need some marketing assistance?

I’m wanting to run a social media campaign and need some advice and digital support.2020-12-31T19:55:10+00:00

From graphic design to videos, from running competitions to live streams we have the knowledge and expertise.

I have an existing marketing strategy but feel it needs strengthening to support sales.2020-12-31T20:01:04+00:00

We often find ourselves assessing strategies for realignment. Adding new digital processes or tips and tricks that have been proven to work across industries can really motivate a marketing team and improve relationships and dynamic. Cost saving procedures are always well received and more often than not it just requires input from outside the box to tweak your existing strategy to have it delivering to its full potential.

I just have a question I would like to ask2020-12-31T20:03:24+00:00

We always offer free advice. We are a solution-based business who pride ourselves on helping our clients achieve results. Our customers often require our services to fix or support their problem or project and so we expect to be involved for the long haul.

How do I go about hiring Understood Media?2020-12-31T20:07:44+00:00

You can hire Understood by our rate card on a cost per hour basis or by an agreed monthly retainer for time and rate agreed upon consultation. We can also work to a project cost.

Explain how Understood Media operates2020-12-31T20:11:06+00:00

Understood Media is a network of consultants with their relevant field. All projects are managed by Marketing Consultant – Ollie Martin where specialist projects and or parts of work completed can be outsourced if required.

What types of businesses or industries do you support or specialize in?2021-01-01T15:29:14+00:00

There really is no specific industry or business. That said we have expertise in the following industries; music, events and hospitality, computer hardware and software, lighting, electronics, retail toys and games. We provide marketing services for handful of industries, get in touch to find out more information on how we could assist you.