Web design

Web design portfolio

Web design and digital development has been a core pillar of our business for years! The UM team is made up of a handful of professionals who are experts within their fields. The whole team have stayed the same since the launch of the business expressing loyalty and excitement when working on a Understood project. Our team gels well both at work and outside of the business which leads to a happy working atmosphere and dedication to projects that goes that extra mile.

Over the years several projects have stood out that we are very proud to tell the story of, however these stories have helped kickstarters build on top of our digital foundations and well established businesses perform key transitions and aid restructuring.

It does not matter if you are a true industry professional looking to outsource or someone who has no idea about web design or digital production. We can explain and train along the way and together bring a strategy to help your project.

Some of our key web design achievements:
– Working with two out of the three of the worlds major record labels.
– Developing a website for our favourite record label.
– Creating a 3000+ online and active community for a brand.
– Producing websites for children to browse in a secure yet fun and engaging environment.
– Running campaigns to boost youngsters online learning and knowledge of online gaming and product knowledge.