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Up your digital productivity with your iphone

A few tips and tricks for Iphone users that could well help [...]

Our 2019 predictions on social media marketing

Podcasts and audio services in early 2018 boomed so much within [...]

Mini site examples

Mini sites are ideal for kick starters, small businesses and instant ideas. [...]

How do you broadcast an event worldwide?

It's a cosy Sunday afternoon and perfect time to catch up on [...]

Games engage

We like to give credit where credit [...]

Project journey

Here at Understood we represent ourselves as an agile business but also [...]

Industry hot topics and current conversation

What is thought leadership and when should you use it?

Amazon go

If you work in or service the retail industry this will be [...]

Will twitter fall in 2018?

In our opinion Twitter needs something else. It needs a feature that [...]

Five tips for FB ad strategies

The one law of robotics: Humans must flourish


Everyones talking about it, the deadline is approaching fast and you still [...]

Client network

Get in touch

Common digital marketing terms

The marketing product launch process

 The product launch process often starts with a mass panic of wondering [...]


Marketing mix


Sometimes referred to as retargeting, 'remarketing' is a most certainly a [...]


If you are obsessed with streamlining tasks especially where digital marketing [...]

Ad network

The web is a large place, all agreed and to survive [...]