Our network understood

The Understood network includes various specialist creatives (within their particular field) of whom have collaborated on projects with UM in the past, present and possible future. We are proud to collaborate with these individuals and can recommend them to the highest degree, after all that’s why we choose to work with them!

Projects involving the further network are more often than not managed by Understood directly and deliver to our trusted QA process for both client and specialist. We thrive on working with these specialists utilising whatever new technology that may push the boundaries of our in-house service capabilities. By working with specialists, we can provide our clients with a modern solution that they can trust, whilst also relying on our proven delivery that they have come to depend on.

Marketing consultant

NodeJS/AWS developer

Audio engineer & producer

Business analyst

Software Engineer

Photographer & videographer

IT support / tech buyer

Solution architect

Ad specialist & gaming expert

Graphic Designer & Artworker

Digital project & product manager – Educational publishing