Digital Strategy

Having a water tight digital strategy is essential for a successful campaign and no leaf can be left unturned in the planning process. With most of our campaigns we create a project initiation document which aids as a contractual agreement along with a campaign schedule that shows our discussed targets and allotted timeframe. Our schedules allow for multiplatform campaigns and also integration between adjoining projects. The beauty of the cloud and its services now mean that you can check in on project progress in real time from anywhere in the world from mobile devices.

Pay per click advertising has never been so easily trackable and most of all controllable! We can pair our campaigns up to your mobile device so that you can also monitor our achievements for your business on the go. Relaying our real time progress in meetings to your team is always an impressive feature we have found with previous clients.

At Understood we produce everything from pre project proposals, to post campaign analytics and debriefs. All digital services from SEO, Meta tag creation, tactical PPC, online budget management, adwords campaigns and adsense strategy can be tracked and analysed often in very detailed reports for our clients daily.