Crabby Old Boar

4.2% bitter

Have a drink on us!

You have received our latest brew either as a thank you, an original introduction or just because we enjoy working with you.

There’s not much that’s more social than sharing a drink together! Often our best creative ideas to date were born whilst discussing work with clients over a brew. One thing you probably didn’t realise is that we work with a superb local brewery. We approached this brewery because we strongly believed that they’re the best around at creating a wonderful selection of quality products! So rather than set out to brew our own and create a product lower than our high standards, we decided that we would work with the best, to create the best. This ethos is exactly what we at Understood do every day within our creative network.

After discussing with the master brewer what we were looking for, he created a brew that met our desired criteria, passed our taste tests and is totally exceptional in our opinion. You can’t purchase our brew but simply only be gifted it, which we believe is what makes this product and you as the recipient extra special.