Ollie Martin

I am a modern marketing consultant, currently running my own business full time but always seeking new projects and opportunities (anywhere from 1-2 days per week). I have an entrepreneurial history and eager to work alongside other professionals to share knowledge, bring expertise and deliver a can do attitude whilst motivating others. As a digital professional with experience both agency side and client side, across a broad range of industries, my talent lies in defining social media and marketing strategies lead by digital technologies. My success to date has ranged from developing full six figure marketing strategies through to smaller projects such as SEO friendly content creation. Other success in online product merchandising for major retailer websites and full website and e-commerce solutions has also seen me headhunted. I am seeking new opportunities where I can transform a company’s marketing efforts and I am available to start work immediately. I pride myself on a good clear interview technique with in depth research on the role or project. This is then delivered in an efficient presentation with new ideas, examples and strategy which more often than not concludes with myself as the recruitment solution.


● Digital marketing strategy B2B & B2C


● PPC (Adwords, Adsense, FB, YT)

● UX & ecrm

● Analytics and insights knowledge

● Automated marketing

● Digital advertising / PPC

● Website design with templates, wireframes and roadmapping

● Online product merchandising

● Domain management, server hosting management and FTP administration

● Graphic design and product photography

● AV production, editing, publishing through to installation

● Multiplatform CMS management

● Account management and agency management

● Public and media relations

Marketing consultant

Experience and expertise:

• Campaign process and time management
• Google webmaster tools & analytics
• Understanding of html and web 2.0 concepts
• Blogging and press release / news posting
• Advanced social network marketing
• Website advertising / PPC including budget management
• Website design and product placement
• Domain management
• Hosting management & FTP administration
• Forum community development with dedicated communication to users.
• European event organisation for international clients
• AV production, editing and publishing
• Content development
• IT technical support
• Multiplatform CMS management (e.g. WordPress, Joomla)
• Customer relationship management
• Public and media relations
• Photography and post production (product / lifestyle / scene)
• Guest lecturer at Southampton Solent university ‘Digital marketing within the music industry’

Software / Tools Knowledge: Slack, Trello, Salesforce, Pardot, Hubspot, Hootsuite, Power Point, Fireworks, Photoshop, Excel, Word, Illustrator + PDF building, Premiere, Lightroom, Pro Tools, Ableton among other audio related software, Github, PPC advertising, FBML, Flickr, Google (Places,Pages, Analytics), LinkedIn (Profiles, Company Profiles, Groups), Tumblr, Twitter, Vimeo, YouTube(revenue + insights).

Outsourcing opportunities – With the potential to cut costs on future technical development, my broad range of industry professional contacts come at my disposal: Social network app developers, iphone and android app developers, Java platform developers, c++ programmers, graphic designers, flash and animation designers, VR and AR developers.

Agile digital marketing consultant located in the south east of England (North Hampshire). Currently available to take on new projects and to review potential full time positions.



“Ollie is full of endless great ideas and can always see the bigger picture. He has a sound understanding of managing a budget and delivering projects, on time, within budget and effectively.

The life of the party is always where Ollie is. Working to build mutually beneficial relationships between departments and bringing an always postie outlook.

I wish Ollie all the best in his future endeavors and his impression on me means he will never be forgotten if I require his services in the future.” UK Financial Controller Omnico Group – 2018

“Oliver has thorough technical competence, is endlessly enthusiastic, and has real-world experience is a swathe of areas of music production and promotion.” Artist, researcher and director UNSW – 2011

“I have worked closely with Ollie to help build and promote a local grass roots football club. In a short period of time he quickly formed a identity and brand at the club that both players and fans whole heartedly bought into. Ollie is a fun, passionate and innovative leader who has the ability to identify what the market will relate to and then go out there and deliver it! I would without a doubt recommend Ollie to any company who is looking to transform their marketing!” Project Manager Olive Communications – 2018

Given the opportunity, Oliver can be trusted to work hard and impress with the results.“The results and client list speaks for itself! Oliver has built his experience over 10 years of working in the digital age paying witness to the social networking boom and becoming a pioneer bringing new digital marketing techniques to several industries. By introducing Ollie to your development team you are not only adding a very passionate young and innovative player but a true ideas man who looks to create longevity in a brand/ project. Ollie will go above and beyond his remit and that brings added quality and value which of course adds and extra string to his digital bow.” Clocked Web Development – 2012

“Ollie has a huge passion for marketing, technology and delivering projects and this was obvious from the first project we worked on at Recreation together. Ollie is a people person who is keen to get stuck into any project and he is also good at motivating others, especially if it’s for the company fantasy football league! Ollie’s company BBQ’s were especially memorable and a big hit with employees. His position in the business saw him liaise and manage various digital campaigns with external agencies whilst also bringing his own skills to the forefront of marcomms.” Gravity – 2018

“Working with Ollie for Underground-Music has been a great experience and has helped me grow as a person personally and professionally. Ollie is a great leader and his skills and enthusiasm for his work are infectious. It is obvious to everyone that meets him that his passion and professionalism have ensured a high level of success in his career. Ollie has a good eye for new opportunities, which keeps his projects in the forefront of the music industry, his innovative working ideas have enabled many other businesses’s to run more efficiently.” Event Co-ordinator AQA – 2012

“One of the most admirable skills I have learnt from Ollie is his amazing ability to network. Ollie understands the importance of making and retaining connections within the industry and has an impeccable skill at building relationships. With the help and guidance of Ollie Martin I finally have a foot in the music industry and without out him I certainly would have not have got there as quickly and professionally.” Freelance Journalist – 2012

“Ollie is a fast paced critical thinker who can work well in a team or better within a team leader position which would enable his best qualities to be operative. Myself and Ollie share a professional working relationship which will no doubt be accessible to third parties when freelancing.” Cinco Marketing – 2012


Over the last few years Ollie’s client list has grown substantially, often with Ollie becoming head hunted from the success of previous campaigns.  Priding himself on his fast paced content delivery and accessibility, both smart thinking and ideology has become the foundations to his success. Without doubt, hard work, determination and around the clock attention to detail to his business has made him the business man he is today.With clients based in the UK, Europe and worldwide, Ollie’s excellent hand picked choice of outsourcing, has provided the right stepping stones to better connections with some of the best producers and designers in the media industry today.

With such big brand names that have depended on Ollie’s business, it really is a credit at a young age to of provided a service to the wider world.