I am sorry to have to announce the closing of Pendulumlive.com 

With the site breaking various of times and upgrades failing, not to mention cost and time of maintenance the forum has come to a close. The security of the forum was not up to my standard and with new legislation launching back in May I couldn’t take any chances.

Without spending hundreds of pounds the site is grounded. Back in the day the forum was funded indirectly by bands budget (the wages I earned working for management/label/band) but that stopped sometime in 2013 and so since then I have personally funded the site although made very little effort with the project.

Thanks for your input over the years, the hard work from the street team and thanks for the friendships I made along the way. Some fun and interesting times were shared thats for sure! You may well wonder why you are on this marketing based website – well post Pendulum I went on to work for other bands and developed my portfolio in many other industries. I still work with a select few music industry businesses but however through my own ‘Understood Media’. Formally ‘Underground Music’ if some of you were scratching your heads.


Admin‘ Ollie