We are hired for our expertise and knowledge in the field and this is where we have the opportunity to collaborate and work with YOU! Together we create new age marketing for your business! There is no ‘I’ in ‘TEAM’ and you know your business, projections and strategy better than anyone.

New media marketing:

Intelligence – We take time and focus on attention to detail when learning your audience. Nurturing relationships between PR contacts is key and we can maximize product and brand interest to help push your promotion that little bit further.

Bespoke – No project is similar, just like no business is the same and in fact we tailor each proposal to work with your business post our campaign where possible. Our consultancy service will bring new ideology and suggest improvements that you can bring to your business from our field of expertise!

Full service – Don’t think that new projects will mean extra resource required in house. We expect to handle what we propose and if that means that you would like a dedicated personnel available around the clock to focus on your project this can be arranged. Timings, contacts, relationships and prizes / product can all be processed externally.

Ecommerce – Looking to start selling online? Our experience can help you set up with speed and provide the ultimate solution to ensure sales are processed as quickly and as efficient as possible. Knowledge gained through working in retail and distribution previously has helped us to stand out from the crowd and provide bespoke solutions to new start ups and kickstarters. Lets work together and get your business online and bringing in a new revenue stream today!

Bespoke audio production – audio to order – Our most popular bespoke audio design service sees clientele from all different commercial industries commission Martin and Rhoades to consult and then develop audio for new brand identities or product showcases. We aim to adapt with the widest versatility for all needs and requirements, our product portfolio has been designed to represent our versatility. Please note that all products and audio design is created specifically for the client or project in question and that audio word can not be resold to other parties or individuals.

An incredible rate of creativity from the Martin & Rhoades camp always leads to a real challenge within meetings when choosing artistic direction, but that brings the fun to this part of my job.

Clocked Web Development 2013

Soundtracks – Often we find clientele requiring royalty free or bespoke music designed to enhance their film production. Film productions can be as small as a YouTube blog or as big as a full feature length movie. Soundtracks usually require Martin & Rhoades to produce sound to moving image to accurately capture feeling, depth and description of the motion picture. Sample soundtrack production can be arranged to trial our service before embarking on what could well be a lengthy project. Consultation essentially required for larger projects.

Instrumentals – Instrumentation becomes essential for TV and film especially when vocals are externally sourced. Instrumentation production is very popular within our day to day business, this however is not always studio based and could mean that we find ourselves out on location recording foley. Example instrumentals will be demoed to represent a target sound before production starts.

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