Having the opportunity to communicate in the most convenient and constructive way is essential for a modern day businesses. Investment in tech and can sometimes be misunderstood as expensive and tricky to manage but if you believe that then you have either experienced a bad communications solution or the strategy was wrong from the start.

Here at Understood we fully understand that there really is no “out of the box” solution for any one business and because of this we take the time to analyse, evaluate and research the way in which a business operates before providing our report and recommendation. Take for example the last two IC installations that we have delivered that were both tailored and adapted to suit the necessary needs of the business in question.

Software solution based business

  • 400+ employees
  • 5 offices worldwide
  • 2 separate working languages
  • 50+ remote workers
  • 10+ contractors
  • IT managed at UK hub

Power & lighting product distributor

  • 40+ employees
  • 10+ remote workers
  • Creative in house
  • Multifloored business
Published On: December 3rd, 2017 / Categories: Projects /

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