Alogrithms run the internet, especially AI decisions and changes made by a coded flow on a software platform. For example on the social network Facebook, do you wonder why you only see a small selection of posts and mostly popular posts first on your home page feed? That decision right there has been made by an algorithm of which is a piece of code that decides an outcome from data inputted to data displayed. However lets take a look at digital advertising rather than social media marketing for a moment. One of the biggest alogrithms on the internet is Google and the way in which you search and find content. Businesses invest billions globally in Google to be found and so historically when Google localised their user search algorithm it was a major game changer! 

Google updates its algorithm every so often (hundreds of minor changes and tweaks per year and also major updates each year) to improve user experience and of course its revenue through their adwords platform. The algorithm has the power to change the order of how a website ranks on google search results.

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