Sometimes referred to as retargeting, ‘remarketing’ is a most certainly a hot buzz word at the moment and thats all down to its importance when available as part of your marketing tool kit! With the ability to track returning customers / visitors to websites via analytics and other digital measuring mediums you are now equipped to start ranking your customers and deliver a tailored and more appropriate message for your more engaged / loyal customers. For example a customer who has already placed over 20 orders through your ecommerce website does not need to know that you offer free delivery over a £50 spend because they have already experienced this marketing message over 20 times already. So to keep things fresh and more applicable for your loyal and valued user you can target that customer and returning customer with potential advertising with a more valuable marketing message. For example you could use “here is a 10% discount code for all returning customers” rather than the usual “spend £50 for free shipping”.

So this is exactly what remarketing can offer you through advertising but the most valuable asset remarketing can give you is saving the sale! Say your ecommerce website sells shoes and a customer has browsed your website, and spent a reasonable amount of time on your popular but very expensive £300 limited edition trainer and then left your website without purchasing. Due to cookies and your privacy policy you have stated that you can collect such data for remarketing use. This is where you can choose to advertise to that potential customer again later down the line, say three days or even better two weeks by which time the potential customer has been paid and could afford to purchase your product should they want to. The only problem is two weeks later they have completely forgotten about the product or even worse where they were looking to purchase such product. Not only by using remarketing to advertise the product to the PC once again but you could save the sale going to a competitor!

Remarketing statistics are incredible but rather than quoting such numbers that vary across industries, products and audiences, it is recommended that you analyse your market well and understand the constraints before you pour money into remarketing. For example if consumers are shopping simply by partcode via organic search it could be better suited for ROI to invest in advertising simply on that product search term. You will also find that often higher value products with larger margin will spend more on remarketing and remarket such products for longer periods. Have you ever wondered why that Porsche 911 that you looked at six months ago is still displaying as adverts when you browse Amazon? Thats because its a high ticket item and an aspirational purchase of which the customer journey is often a long and carefully calculated choice. Marketeers will take any opportunity to subconsciously remarket to you as well because although not hard hitting and upfront like TV advertising it will contribute to convincing an eventual purchase.

Also known as retargeting, a type of paid ad that allows advertisers to show ads to customers who have already visited their site. Once a user visits a site, a small piece of data called a “cookie” will be stored in the user’s browser. When the user then visits other sites, this cookie can allow remarketing ads to be shown. Remarketing allows advertisers to “follow” users around in attempts to get the user back to the original site.

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