The product launch process often starts with a mass panic of wondering how you are going to meet a deadline while the R&D team, CEO and / or stakeholders are excited and have promised the earth to quite possibly your biggest customer! It really really shouldn’t start like this but thats just how a lot of businesses operate and adaptability is key to a marketeers role.

So the businesses starts with an overly pally meeting with its key customer “so we are going to be launching this new product, do you like it, can we count on you to stock exclusively on product launch?”. Next thing you know its all handshakes and laughs and as head of the marketing department you have to set a strategy in motion that should of started weeks ago.

Here are a few steps that we run through with clients (often CEO’s, CMO’s, Marketing Directors and Marketing Managers) to make sure that together we tick all the boxes and prepare a solid water tight strategy that will sustain a product throughout its lifecycle.

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