• Be accessable across the largest social network for your customers
      Facebook is seen as a huge authority on the web and most centianly a database of social master data for users, should they wish to share or hide such data. The right targeted users are key to your marketing and with most users having Facebook accounts you simply can not afford to ignore this platform. Its crucial that accessability to your business is simple, easy and what is the biggest bonus of all through a platform that users are comfortable with!
    • HTML title and meta descriptions are key
      Another bonus that is free and a real no brainer – you can register a HTML title and meta description for your Facebook page of which will help aid your websites ranking as a top network referral as well as rank high in organic searches. Lets face it Facebook content comes well recommended with the Facebook framework and governence.
    • Build an empire
      All great empires branch out far and wide and this is exactly what we are trying to do with your digital network. Facebook plays a part in this network and will build faith and trust to customers to show you have a presence on Facebook and a following with possibly customer reviews. Remember consumers would rather leave reviews on a platform they already trust and have a login to than sign up to your personal website with yet another login that they may use only once or twice.
    • Another solid traffic driver
      Social traffic is responsible for topics and news going viral and often this is the ultimate goal for publishers. Who wouldn’t want an opportunity to go viral!? So by having a presence and your business on the Facebook platform, you will have just opened your business up to this opportunity and especially for cashing in on followers from positive news stories.
    • Engage and create lead generation
      Facebook offers a customisable call to action option, again free and something you cant afford not to configure! Access via the page settings and your options are good, anything from; app referral link, contact us (which opens up a FB message window or website referral link.  This option can be changed at any point, of which is ideal to link in with your marketing strategy and particular campaign dates. This is invaluable if your facebook page eventually receives regular quality traffic as it could lead to potential conversions = GOAL.
    • Separate your content into tabs
      Understanding exactly what you can and cant do with content and a company Facebook page is key to its future performance. For example did you know that you can list upcoming events, list the groups that you link to your page, showcase live videos, document notes, highlight offers, state your services and USP’s and also features products in a light shop style layout. Our advice is to add as much content as you can that suits such tab categories and keep the content updated and mentioned in your social posts.
    • Keep your social channel visually fresh
      Your icons, company logo and branding will always subconciously log your business as a constant. We would recommend refreshing your social channel header and profile picture every quarter, even if its minor changes to suit ongoing marketing. Most businesses will have a busy marketing strategy with regular campaigns and so this type of key promotion content should take a lead with uploads and refreshing your social channels content.  
    • Image real-estate is the golden ticket to promotion
      Don’t forget that image real-estate is probably your most valuable asset from a social platform. You are free to advertise your products and services via this space and its handy to promote any potential offers. In this case your page profile picture and page headers are the best areas for advertising graphics.
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