Here at Understood we represent ourselves as an agile business but also acknowledge that you cant just jump into a process without understanding its proposed target and requirements. Quality project management leads to a campaign delivering on time, on budget and meeting or sometimes exceeding expectations and this is why we set ourselves a standard quality control process. All of our projects are assessed to ensure that we are aware of the bigger picture and have thought about all possible outcomes and opportunities.

All of our clients both new and old have expectations of our service, so its important that we don’t disappoint and provide some level of transparency upfront to build confidence and let our clients know that their work and business is in the best of hands. As you can see from fig 1 we have laid out a common path that we would undertake with most projects.

It is worth mentioning that a lot of our clients commission us to source and locate talent for specialised projects and although the “talent” is not employed by Understood Media we feel that they are representing our business with their work. This is exactly why we have quality procedures in place so that we can back our partners with our own high level quality guarantee. We most certainly wouldn’t work with a partner if we didn’t think that they could deliver an outstanding service to our clients.

Published On: June 10th, 2018 / Categories: Projects /

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